The Vice President Henry Wilson Tribute Page

See John  discuss Henry Wilson on NHPTV on 9/1/04


Above left:  U.S. Vice President Henry Wilson in the reincarnated form popularly known as Mr. Royce Hodgdon. (Joe Henry photo)   Above center: Georgia's WOOOF Chairman Walter Harris and Maine's WOOOF Chairman Candace Delisio attempt to raise public awareness of Henry Wilson outside the 1988 Democratic National Convention in Atlanta - the day after everyone went home! (John Nolan photo)   Above right: Another view of the great statesman, lying on a beach with the tide out. (File photo)



Above left: A collector's item, one would think, but the sale of WOOOF pins has remained inexplicably, yet stubbornly, sluggish, especially in Farmington, NH.   (Nolan design)   Above center: The last 600 feet of the Cobbler in Scotland's Southern Highlands would make a fitting tribute to Henry Wilson, a.k.a. The Natick Cobbler and Man of Granite. A public subscription fund to transfer the Cobbler to Farmington, NH, is still open. ( W.A. Poucher photo.)    Above right:  U.S. Vice President Henry Wilson taking it easy after a hard day repairing stoves and freezers. ( File photo)  


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