FC Gallery 2 - Who's who and what's what


Above left: Roger Belanger and a fraction of his political memorabilia collection, which, it was recently discovered, includes one of Stephanie's Ralph Nader posters. She had wondered where it went. (John Nolan photo)  Above center: Hiawatha's Mudding Foley's Wadi, with - the careful observer will note - Hiawatha's Bud Can still afloat. (Joe Henry photo)  Above right: Calm before the storm. The start of the Long John Silver Agon, with future winner Barry Finn on the left and bearded Wild Bill Vachon in the center. (Rochester Courier file photo)



Above left: Royce Hodgdon's Leaning Tower of Freeza. (Rochester Courier graphic)   Above center: Mr. Lefty Lee displays his sequined harmonica jacket, purchased from Alterations by Doris with public donations. Mr. Nolan (banjo) and Mr. Eck Elliot of Cape Cod (guitar) provide musical accompaniment.  (Joe Henry photo)  Above right: Clark Hackett (l) watches as Tree No. 4 is eased into position on Farmington Square. See commemorative verse below. (John Nolan photo)

Stopping by Jimmi'z on a Frosty Morning

1. Which tree is this, I know you care,

    It's Number Four, 'cause Three ain't there.

    How brief its moment in the sun

    Ere Five arrives upon the Square?


2. Now Rita Longo's Number One,

    As Yule trees go, had a short run,

    A blast of icy wind, (Life's tough)

    A deafening crash, that sucker's done.


3. Before surrounding folks could scoff,

    And Farmtown's mocked by every toff,

    Warren Garland gave a tree,

    But then its branches all fell off.


4. The Doyles donated Number Three,

    Cried ingrates, "That there tree's too wee,

    Our pride's at stake, that shrimp must go,

    For biggest's best, we all agree."


5. Which tree is this, I think you know,

    It's Four, from Robert Coker, so

    Let's drink its health, this tree so fair,

    A Bud is ever apropos.                             J.N.


(With great respect to Robert Frost, Burke's Tree Service, Clark Hackett and the Boys, four tree donors - at the latest count - and the guy who tipped off the Press.)




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