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*NEW!!! Fair Game is now also available with font captions. Specify when ordering or subscribing.




    Fair Game
By Stephanie Piro

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Looking for savvy, contemporary cartoons to add to your website, newsletter, magazine, textbook or periodicals? Check out Stephanie Piro's Fair Game. 

Fair Game is a cartoon for grown-ups! It combines social commentary and pop culture, with a cool drawing style. It covers everything from women's issues, love and relationships to teens, kids, teachers, cats, dogs, rock music, film and space aliens. 

 NEW! Now, Fair Game is available with the captions handwritten, or, if preferable, set in a font.

We offer options to make Fair Game fit your needs, whether it's Monday to Saturday, three times a week or even once a week.

If you want to use Fair Game, we'll create a rate to fit your  budget, no matter how small!

 Just contact us by phone, fax or e-mail for our reasonable rates and we'll establish you as a Fair Game client.

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