A continuing tale of life in the boonies

No. 144

He'll tak the high road...and I'll tak the low road

Vice President Henry Wilson, who was born near the first tee of Farmington Country Club in 1812, will soon be basking in semi-glory. Although the relocation of a mountain in his honor to the Planning Board end of Meaderboro Road is still a little ways off, and the erection of an 80-foot high flashing neon sign near Lem's Restaurant has not yet attracted a sponsor, Henry's time is imminent, nonetheless.

(Get on with it! - Editor)

Thanks to the tireless efforts of historian, scholar and WOOOF member Mr. Roger A. Nutter, Esq. of Bunker Street, state bureaucrats have searched their Concord archives and confessed that on March 11, 1937, a winding sheep-track from Rochester to Alton was designated Henry Wilson Highway. In the last 52 years, the track has been realigned, repaved, upgraded, repaved, widened, dug up, repaved, frost heaved, named Route 11, and lost its Henry Wilson signs.

Well, get those new handcrafted historical markers cranked out, buddies. There's no going back. Once a Henry Wilson Highway, always a Henry Wilson Highway, and so say all of WOOOF!

State officials have conceded as much in a reply to Nutter of Bunker, and promise that signs will shortly be placed at Alton Traffic Circle and on Route 11 west of Spaulding Turnpike. For Wilson Out Of Obscurity Forthwith card carriers, this indeed will be a day for the popping of Budweiser corks.

Election Roundup

Although Candace DeLisio finished a credible fourth in the nine-person stampede for two school board vacancies, it must now be revealed that her election campaign expenses came to an astonishing $1,027. A breakdown of this alarmingly high figure shows that $5 was spent on stationary for flyers, and $1,022 was the tab for pick-up truck repairs following a peculiar incident the occurred while said flyers were being distributed in the Farmington hinterland.

DeLisio is quick to point out that she was not at the wheel of the blue Toyota which backed out of and off Mike Lee's driveway, slid down an embankment, and clunked against two pine trees. She was merely a bewildered passenger. The fool of a driver was President Nolan of WOOOF, who, although showered in glass, flyers and cries of disbelief, was otherwise unscathed.

Thanks are hereby extended to the Mr. and Mrs. Lee for the subsequent medicinal Bud, and for not laughing too hard. At least not until Bob Parks' wrecker had hauled the truck back up to the road, allowing candidate and chauffeur to chug off in the direction of Perrault's Body Shop.

Situations vacant

Attention all Meaderboro Road residents. It was revealed by no less than Selectman John Scruton at last Wednesday's town meeting that three vacancies currently exist on Farmington Planning Board. Scruton says he is experiencing great difficulty in finding people willing to be appointed to fill these slots. Now come on! Keep your end up! Or should we go to Camelot Shore homeowners? Hmm?

500 Boys Club news

It is anticipated that when the new Rancourt Estates Mobile Home Park development is completed, the 500 Boys Club name will be altered to the 847 Boys Club.

Kids' Day at the Fish Pond

One Saturday in May, every year, hundred and hundreds of youngsters flock to Farmington Fish and Game Club Pond on Old Bay Road in New Durham to participate in Kids Day.

The club supplies the children with free bait, lures and bobbers, serves them free hot lunches, soda and coffee, and gives out prizes and awards at the conclusion of the day's fishing, during which almost everybody catches something.

Secretary Terrie Nickerson says that the generosity of local merchants and individuals has helped Farmington Fish and Game Club to sponsor the event, and turn Kids Day into a highly enjoyable family event. However, in 1989, the club can no longer obtain fish for free. They are obliged, for the coming event on May 6, to purchase trout from a licensed hatchery and obtain a permit, which involves a high cost.

To overcome this hurdle, the club needs additional financial help, and is appealing to you, the Farmington Corner readership, for sponsorship, though God knows why! You guys didn't exactly cover yourselves with glory buying WOOOF badges.

But perhaps you will rise to this occasion. After all, it is reassuring to know that most New Hampshire kids will get hooked on fishing, instead of cocaine, and for that reason alone they deserve encouragement. You can help youngsters keep good habits by sending a donation, large or small, to Farmington Fish and Game Club, c/o Sue Randall, P.O. Box 518, Farmington, N.H. 03835. Further information can be had from 859-6611 or 859-7843.

March 20, 1989

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