A continuing tale of life in the boonies

No. 158

Find the biggest pothole

A few years back Farmington Corner, in one of its generous $3 competitions, solicited four additional lines of poetry for a verse commencing "I'd rather hit a pothole than a skunk."

Well right about now, most drivers would rather hit a barrowload of skunks than lurch into yet another bone-rattling pothole of the dreadful genus bred by this winter. And so, if your axles have been shattered, or your child has bitten its tongue off when its head bounced off the roof of the car, here's a chance for compensation in the shape of another three bucks.

Yes, folks, its Name That Pothole time. To enter this exciting free contest just think of the most spectacular pothole you know in the Greater Farmington area (which stretches from Wakefield on down to Strafford and from Lebanon, Maine across to Alton) and then give it a title which seems to epitomize its particular features or characteristics. Write the details (dimensions, number of vehicles crippled, location, etc.) on a postcard and mail it to Farmington Corner, P.O. Box 1600, Wakefield Street, Rochester 03867, to arrive by Feb. 21. Phone-in entries will also be accepted (332-1182). Small photographs of your favorite potholes are encouraged. The winner will be announced, and full results will appear in the Courier of Feb. 26.

One Postcard, from a Mr. Ramgunshoch, has already been received and refers to a pothole on River Road near Route 11, which he calls Hackett's Crevasse. It was whispered in Ramgunshoch's ear, apparently, that associating a pothole with a road agent was just begging to get his mailbox accidently winged in the next snowstorm, but Mr. R. reportedly said he didn't care. He was way past caring. That damned pothole was there summer and winter, year in and year out, and just lately it had . . . (cont. on page 94)

News from the Art World

The Goodwin Library is currently hosting the 7th Annual Exhibit of Art and Craftwork, and this year, almost 100 creations have been submitted by local poets, painters, photographers and craft persons.

"Each year the quality gets better and this time some new people have given it a fresh boost," said an enthusiastic Dorinda, disciple of Phyllis who started it way back in '84. Fresh boosters awarded a special mention were Anita Fisher, Lorraine Spencer and Debby Romaniak.

Indeed, "Cool Contrast," a watercolor by Fisher did catch one's eye as one wandered around at the special opening, sipping a damned fine port from a plastic glass. Her painting is a close rendition of what one sees just prior to hitting a River Road snow bank, having catapulted out of Hackett's Crevasse.

Romaniak's woodcarvings of a chickadee and goldfinch provide serious competition for Ed Demers' bufflehead, cardinal and canvasback . . . Ed, the reader may recall, took Best of Rochester Fair in 1989 with a carved loon.

Paintings by that colorful trio, Susan Mayo, Millie Gay and Jeannie Blinkinsop-Blinkinsop, are there in their usual splendid abundance and I was lucky enough to snatch a personal interview with Blinkinsop, herself, as she gulped the damned fine port. Pointing to work No. 13, entitled "She flies directly east, the peach tree bears two fruits in winter," I asked Blinkinsop if this represented her finest work since "Moon of the Popping Trees," produced in 1985.

She replied "Oh, shut up," and headed back for a refill from the crystal decanter. A true artist, living right on Ten Rod Road.

The show will run until Saturday, Feb. 17. The port has run out.

Winter Carnival News

The 4th Annual Henry Wilson Winter Carnival, which fans have been patiently awaiting for 24 months, looks like it may have to happen after all. Last week's two feet of snow seems to have lessened the chances of the carnival, held on the slopes of Farmington Country Club, being postponed for yet another year. According to Parks and Recreation Director Linda Ghareeb, who dreams constantly of sweltering Florida at this time of year, the event, featuring all the usual free form frigid downhill canoe races to icy Nerf ball golf and bone-chilling snowshoe hurdle races, will take place on Sunday, Feb. 25. (Cheer up, Zeke, it'll soon be blackfly season.) Full details from 755-2405. Naturally, the intrepid Courier staff will throw down the gauntlet, once again, to the wimps of Foster Daily Democrat.

Feb. 12, 1990

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