Fundraising to Help Australia's Animals

Last summer I did the art for the State of NH's Library Summer Reading Program and the theme was Australian wildlife, so I became pretty familiar with the wonderful variety of animals. When cartoonist friends Nik and Mike posted on a cartooning site about the fires and the picture of the Koala in the tub... I wanted to do something to help in some small way, so I contacted Nik Scott (thank you, Nik!) and he recommended an organization called Wildlife Victoria:

I contacted them and they said it costs about $400.00 a week for just 1 koala that's been hurt by the fires.

People can donate directly through that link, and also I designed a button to sell for $5.00 (plus $3.00 shipping) as a fundraiser. All proceeds will go directly to them, but I do need to charge for shipping. If anyone would like one, you can e-mail me at:

You can also  pay directly by logging onto Paypal, put stephaniepiro@gmail  in recipient and pay that way.

Or send checks and MO to:

Stephanie Piro,
27 River Rd
Farmington, NH 03835